Heart of Priors Park started a line dance class on Thursday 17th October 2019 at Tewkesbury Town Hall. Time 7pm to 9pm. 


The first night was a amazing with 11 dancers turning up (some Absolute Beginners and some Beginners). We started off with a nice AB dance called ABL, this dance is a one wall with no restarts or tags. They loved this dance so much we did it four times. We then did Blue Roses Is which has no tags or restarts and is a one wall. We then went onto Cowboy Charleston, this is a nice Beginner Dance with no tags or restarts but is a four wall dance. We did a nice four wall dance called Mamma Mia again this has no tags or restarts. We ended the night with a nice Waltz called The Last Cheaters Waltz which is a two wall dance. 


Well everyone had a nice break, we did a few demos to entertain them and for them to see the different dances. The demos was: Corn Don't Grow, Country Walking and One Way Ticket. 


If you want to come along, you don't have to book but please email the chairman for more information and to have a chat, email chairmanofhopp@gmail.com 


And remember.... KEEEEP DANCING 

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