Priors Park SkatePark

Heart of Priors Park are working closely with Tewkesbury School and some of their pupils to form a Priors Park Skatepark Youth Committee to help fundraise and campaign for a new Skatepark for Tewkesbury.


The teenagers of the Skatepark are holding on a meeting on the 12th October with the Borough and Town Councillors, to get them onside with their compaign. The teenagers put together a press release for Tewkesbury Direct and have done a Facebook page called 'Priors Park Skatepark'. (Please add them on Facebook). A survey has been put together by Tewkesbury School and sent out to their 1400 pupils.


The teenagers are very determined to get this project moving forward with the support of their parents, HOPP, Tewkesbury School and hopefully the Councillors.


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